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The official website of NFL |49 team new arena earthquake has no effect | football San Francisco 49 days ago issued a statement Sunday morning, the earthquake will not affect the schedule in this area. The 49 people, scheduled to be held on Sunday, are still holding a match against the Santiago lightning team. The competition will be held at the new Reaves stadium in California. A spokesman for the 49 team said: We sincerely wish the best wishes to all the neighbors, family and friends that have been affected by this early earthquake. The 49 team said that the cost of the Reaves stadium was 1 billion 270 million dollars. Its construction was designed to cope with the actual situation of the multiple earthquakes in this area, and the seismic design was strengthened during the construction. The engineer inspected the whole building after the earthquake and did not find any damage to the earth cheap nfl jerseys free shipping quake. news: San Francisco fans say goodbye to the old stadium hondis Candlestick ParkWashington Red Skin officially announced on Wednesday local time the two veteran: Tracey Porter Potter and Tracy Chris Chris Chris. last season, Potter and red leather agreed on a 2 - year, $6 million contract. But he was troubled by the shoulder and hamstring injuries, just 3 appearances. After cutting back Potter, red skin will save about $22 thousand in salary space. In Potter's career, he has only played 16 games in 1 Games a year. The hero who once copied Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) to help New Orleans saints win the championship will have to start looking for a new job again. The 29 year old Potter to cover the outstanding ability is known, but with age and the increasing number of injuries, he no longer have the courage. Chester had played for the Baltimore crow for 5 seasons and had all 16 Regular matches in the past 4 years. Last season, he struggled in the team's tactical system and had a sharp decline. After the retreating of Chester, the red skin will make up 4 million of the salary space.The official website of NFL, the implementation of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took over Evans fifth years contract options, rugby wo Tampa Bay pirates choose to carry out the fifth year contract option to take over Mike Evans (Mike Evans). Jason Lecht (Jason Licht), the general manager of the team, announced the decision on Monday. The next step is to negotiate a long contract. yes, we chose to carry out his fifth - year contract option, Lecht told reporters. On Mike's future, I am on behalf of myself and everyone of the team to determine that Mike's whole career will be for the pirates. Today, we carry out his fifth year contract option. It's not a very difficult decision. We will take this as the basis. I can assure you at some point when I can't tell you when, we will contact his broker to give him a contract that allows him to stay in the pirates for a long time. The execution option is a natural decision for the pirates. Evans has more than a thousand yards per season in the first 3 seasons. Last season his number of passes (1321 yards), the number of hits (96 times) and the number of array (12) are ranked in the top six of the league. He can break through his opponent's defense with his own shape and the skill of catching the ball. in this offseason signing DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) as a long ball threat, the pirates have at every level of offensive players, which can help four point guard Jamis - Winston (Jameis Winston) has many choices in passing attack. The pirates should be able to compete in the playoffs in the new season. Evans's fifth year contract option in the offseason before the start of the expected. Now the next step LEICHT mission will give Evans a ca.. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Matt Barkley why half warm-up | football The Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt - Barkley (Matt Barkley) lost this week's quarterback challenge, so he should pay the price. on Friday in the Cardinals' training, the Cardinals quarterback had a precision test, and the losers need before the game wearing strange clothes running around the field, as shown in the figure we cover. , and Barkley was a challenge for this week, but he did not really compare with Carson Palmer in precision. So you see him wearing half naked clothes, underwear and snow boots to warm up. news: A Ryans was shocked by the number of teams in the team,

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