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, the Arizona Cardinals experienced a tough Thursday night race, won the 11 victory also means that they have to ensure that can enter the playoffs. Although they had to use the 3 quarterback during the competition, they still defeated the Saint Louis rams by 12-6. Coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) can't fail, and he is considered to be the best choice for the best coach of the season. After the competition, Jared Cook Jared Cook was very sorry for the defeat. He said: "we were defeated, and we lost to each other in tactics. Not because of how well the opponent is playing, we are doing too badly. The problem was on our own side, and the attack was so bad that it was unimaginable. The game only 6 point, failed to complete the 1 touchdowns, this is a failure cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of the night." we agree with Cook. The game, Sean - Hill (Shaun Hill) attack group led by just 280 yards, including 229 yards passing, ran the ball 69 yards, gave out a lost ball, the last attack by the opponent steals. The bad thing is that the ram had taken the opponent's 10 - yard line twice and ended up with a free kick. The whole third section, the ram did not get 1 first skills, 5 times three and three disappointing. 's offensive coordinator Blaine (Brian Schottenheimer) - shorten the offensive team leadership they lack creativity, efficiency is low, the entire season has always been mediocre. Although the Cardinals defensive is very good, but as Cook said, is more of a problem in the ram himself. Their bad offensive tactics, bad tactical choices let them lose a game that was supposed to win.After NFL's official website | Josh Brent two years to return | football after two years and two days, the Dallas cowboy defensive cut-off Josh Brent (Josh Brent) returned to the stadium. according to NFL famous reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) said that Brent in today's Chicago bears on Thursday also are active in the game. The latter had been trained with the team after the 10 match period last month. Brent was accused of involuntary manslaughter because of a traffic accident in 2012. His driving failure resulted in his friend Jerry Brown (Jerry Brown) dying on the spot. The cowboys and Brent had completed a year's renewal not long ago, expecting him to help the team's weak defense.Handball | London Beijing Olympic torch relay line interpretation: Houses of Parliament (map) | hand Association The Thames River (Houses of Parliament), built on Thames River, is the political center of the UK. It not only looks majestic, ornate interiors, and its architecture and interior design can also shows the world's oldest constitutional monarchy. All the people keep the Thames end squat, in addition to enjoy the magnificent buildings, also can visit the members of the Council scene chunqiangshezhan. is located on the tower of parliament building. As the symbol of London and the symbol of Britain, the Big Ben is huge and gorgeous, weighing 14 tons, named after its engineer Benjamin. has been ringing every time since 1859. It's very accurate. There are 4 smaller clocks ringing every 15 minutes.The dolphin has recently added a quarterback to the 90 people's list. According to ESPN reported that the dolphins signed free agent David Faires (David Fales), he will be joined by Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) in Tanzania, Matt Moore (Matt Moore) and Brandon (Brandon Doughty) - Dottie depth lineup consisting of. Faires is Chicago bear's six round show in 2014. He spent two years in the bear team. One year's attack coordinator is dolphin's current manager Adam Gass (Adam Gase). Faires had been in the Baltimore Raven training field for a while and last season was his first regular match, 5 in 2 and 22 yards. although dolphins show that tanning Hill has undergone surgery, the knee injury is no hinder, but it is always good to be prepared.

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