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New Orleans saints added a kicker. veteran Josh - Kobe (Josh Scobee) announced on his face book that he had signed a sign with the saints. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the NFL official, reported the contract for one year, and Kobe would get a bottom salary for the old man. Rapoport also said that Kobe's injured buttocks have recovered completely. Kobe, Pittsburgh Steelers through the transaction after the introduction of spent 4 games disaster in 2015, in his 10 free kick shot missed 4 times, also shot missed 1 additional touchdowns in 7, after he was laid off the steelers. Kobe's career as a free kick was 80.1%, with only 60% last season. The saints' kicker position in last season was also a mess, and the team cut Zach - Kerr (Zach Hocker) in the middle of the season. Take out Kai forbath (Kai Forbath) is currently a free agent. Can look forward to the next will be increased to the saints kicker in the offseason competition through the selection of the best.American football quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) deb cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ut at the Auburn University to win the Heisman trophy and after his debut in the Panthers won the regular season MVP "I know you can understand why everyone deserves a second chance" - - Newton Kamm; outline 1989, Kim - Newton was born in Atlanta, 2007 was the top high school football program invited to join. After graduating from high school, because the love of Florida university system, he began to choose to attend at the crocodile (Florida Gators) after the team due to Tim Tebow for a starting position, Newton had to transfer to the Auburn University for the first opportunity, and in 2010 won the Heisman trophy and led the team to win the title. In 2011, he was officially chosen by the Black Panther as the champion and became a big star of the league. At the end of 2015, he was officially selected as the League regular season MVP and led the team into the fiftieth Super Bowl. early Cameron jerrill - Newton was born in May 11, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia. Newton is the second of the three children in the family, from a sports and paid family. Mother Jackie pays attention to the children's learning, while dad Cecil focuses on the children's rugby training and housework. At 's West Lake high school in Atlanta, Newton quickly got the attention of University scouts from all over the country. Tall swift like black tiger, Newton also has the infinite strength, arm peers can match the cannon, the more abnormal is flexible and fast as wide receiver in his footsteps. By the second of the year, Newton received invitation letters and scholarship commitments from all kinds of top universities. Among them, the closest to his home is University of Georgia, Virginia Tech, and the University of Florida. crocodile rugby eventually chose to start his NCAA career at the University of Florida. Many people thought Newton had made the most correct choice in his life. He thought Newton would play his greatest strength and start his gorgeous career in the crocodile team when he was under Urban Meyer. The success of the team behind the crocodile is the real devil training, team training includes a wrestling, one purpose of "God covers tigers on the land, you give me to eat soil". The quarterback training usually does not contain vulgar violence but Newton, a six foot five, 230 pounds of nimble Han never taboo in this kind of training. As a newcomer, Newton chance is very limited, will spend most of their time on the bench at the Gators starting quarterback Tim Tebow big kill four and go Shanghai Heseme altar. In second years, Newton's chances of playing were basically deserted, and his ankle injuries wound him. He has a great hope that he will be the main position of the crocodile team next season.The characteristics of Orlando's home court Jersey are that the club is exclusive bright purple and the exquisite advertisement patterns are on the front side of the shirt, while the sleeves and the back shirts are dark purple. Adidas shirt design classic purple type V inlaid with gold collar, collar back with Orlando City characters. The sleeves are equipped with a white Adidas classic three stripes and Orlando Health signs, and the bottom of the shirt is added as a sign to contrast the white expected, the Houston Dezhou team announced Monday to take off Andre Johnson (Andre Johnson). Johnson has been selected for 7 career bowls, the largest in the history of the team. Rick Smith, executive vice president and general manager of operation Department, said: "after trying all the ways to deal with the attempted business, we inform Johnson today that he is going to lay him off." No one in the history of the team is more representative of the team, the city and the community than he is. Johnson is a hall of fame player, and we thank him for his contributions to the team over the years. and if Johnson continues to stay in Dezhou, he will have a 16 million 100 thousand - dollar salary space for the team this season. Johnson was picked by the Dezhou in the first round of the 2003 round by the Dezhou people. In the 12 season, a total of 13597 yards and 64 matches were carried out 1012 times.

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