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, on Wednesday, the Patriots announced two personnel adjustments, the Brandon LaFell and Brandon Scott and Scott Scott. This is not unexpected. Although Rafael completed the 74 catch in the 2014 season and promoted the 953 yard career high, he was injured by injuries last season. The bad exit situation directly affected his future in the team. before the Buffalo Bills tight end Chandler before joining the team is highly anticipated, but the whole season he only the ball 23 times for 239 yards, does not meet the expectations of his team at the time of signing. Chandler's playing time has also gradually decreased with the season, which is not unrelated to his struggles in the cover. currently, the patriot's lineup is slightly thin in the position of the ball, and the team needs to find the right cheap nfl jerseys free shipping players in the draft or in the free market. With Rafael and Chandler's departure, Danny - Oman (Danny Amendola) Dora seems poised to get more opportunities.The official website of NFL | Chris said Johnson want to play football | cowboy Chris Johnson, a former jet runner in New York, was interviewed by a reporter in his Hollywood restaurant with his quarterback friend Vince Yang (Vince Young), who was once a reporter in New York. didn't waste too much nonsense. He asked directly if he could choose to play in Dallas. Johnson replied, "I have a good impression of Dallas, which is what I am trying now. Dallas is great for me. Yang Zaibian added: he will feel better, Dallas people will be more love CJ. Although wasn't successful in jet last season, Johnson's previous 6 seasons were unquestionable. No one has ever punched the ball code less than 1000 yards in one season. has learned that Johnson's idea of going to Dallas is not very arbitrary. It is based on the fact that cowboys are selected to run in this draft, which is bound to be an opportunity for the veteran running guard.when the Oakland Raiders continued to adjust their lineup, they cut a big veteran. According to , the Raiders cut off Sean - Smith (Sean Smith), according to people familiar with the matter. The raider's decision to cut Smith was largely due to his annual salary. After the layoffs, the Raiders saved $8 million 500 thousand in salary space. , who will be 31 years old in July of this year, has never played the expected performance. He signed 4 years with 40 million yuan for the Raiders 4 years ago, including 20 million dollars to protect the income contract. Smith, who will be the first to win the contract, will pay $4. But he has been disparaged many times in the last 2 seasons. Smith was also accused of hurting people on a trampling of other people's head in July last year. cut Smith after the Raiders will be dependent on last year's first round pick Jiaruiang Conley (Gareon Conley) to lead the team cornerback position, in this position and Dexter - Macdonald (Dexter McDonald), Antonio Hamilton (Antonio Hamilton) and Darius Hilary (Darius Hillary). The reinforcing line defense is still Raiders in one of the offseason to do.(Anthony Hitchens) - Anthony Hitchens hopes to help the cowboy as much as possible, so he will try to Sean Lee (Sean Lee). began with a Sunday night match against the eagle, and the cowboy will play three games in 11 days. Lee may be due to a hamstring problem in all three games, and had to Xiqinsiyin from the midline to the weak side of Wei wei. Jielun - Smith (Jaylon Smith) and Justin - Durant (Justin Durant) will share the midline duties. "the difference is where you need to see," said "each file Hitchens, ball to lock a person, such as the proximal front, such as running for. The number of different files should be locked in different positions. This week, Sean and I have worked together for a long time, if he can't play, ask him what he sees in his eyes is what I need to do. Hitchens played 5 games to finish 36 tackles, including 5 resulted in a loss of yardage. Early in the season he was absent because of a fracture of the tibial plateau in his right leg.

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