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NFL????|?????????????????????????????|????? Beijing time was at 9:30 on October 25th, and the second London tournament opened at the Wembley Stadium in the second games of the season. The two sides are against the London Games of the old Kong Jackson Weil Jaguars and lost quarterback buffalo Bill. The Jaguar once obtained 24 points ahead, but in the fourth quarter was Fanchao, but Bortel J at the last moment to help hold the victory for jaguar. The score of the game was Jaguar 34:31 Bill. the first section of the game, both sides attack some slow, first with Buffalo Bill scoring lead. And the Jaguar went into the red area of Bill before the end of the festival. The first section of Harding Park, Bill 3:0 lead. the second quarter but a sudden change in the situation first by Allen Robinson, Jaguar (Allen Robinson) got 10 yard touchdowns. Then the defensive team picked up the Manuel (E.J. Manuel) and turned it back into the attack. The Jaguar was 14:3 against the score at the beginning of the second quarter, only 2 and a half. Who knows Manuel nightmare is not over. His first pass was copied and returned to the attack. In the next third round of the attack, Manuel was copied again! The Jaguar changed fourth ways of scoring, and the two - round show Elden (T.J. Yeldon) got the first shot of his career with a 28 - yard shot. But kicker Meijer lost fourth additional points on Jaguar, and maybe it was too tired to play four balls in 7 minutes. But the Jaguar took a huge lead in 27:3 after half a quarter. Manuel finally coo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping led down in the fourth round of the attack, passing the ball to Woods (Robert Woods) to get a pass. Bill finally hit the score at 13:27 with a shot at the end of the festival. The Jaguar in the second quarter 2 first downs harvest 4 touchdowns, after the first half lead. third games, the Jaguar rate advanced attack. Though Bill scored 1 yards successfully, Gerhard (Toby Gerhart) failed to reach the goal 4 times, and the Jaguar missed the best opportunity to expand the score. The first round of Bill's third quarter attack was not yet finished, and the third quarter ended. But at this time they are at 8 yards of the Jaguar. paratelum of war, Bill had 2 stalls 8 yards and 3 yards into file 8 offensive touchdowns, playing only by further narrow the differential. Bill is a Jaguar at 16:27. After the Jaguar's attack, Bill came to a chance to narrow the difference to an array. But runner Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) hit 25 yards and hit the ball in front of the front line! Bill's fourth mistake in the field. When the Jaguar had no first attack in this three round attack, it was Manuel's 58 - yard pass.for the Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) on the governor's office not supporters. Minnesota governor Mark Dayton (Mark Dayton) local time on Tuesday, it is announced that the Vikings Peterson will play this week against the New Orleans saints game issued the following statement: "this is a bad decision. Yes, Mr. Peterson should go through legal procedures and be innocent until 'proof of guilt.' But he was a public figure; his behavior, as described earlier, was publicly disgraced by the Vikings and Minnesota. The act of beating the child to the naked eye to see the extent of the scar should not be tolerated in our state. Therefore, I think the team should be banned from the Peterson display until the child abuse charge is resolved by the criminal department. but I won't give up Vikings and their fans as some people suggest. The Vikings belong to the people of Minnesota and Minnesota, and this is the only home of the team. Our people, including me, are their most loyal fans. " Minnesota Senator Al Franken (Al Franken) and later also issued the statement: Peterson "it's really a heartbreaking thing to hear about this child," Senator Franken said. "I'm a dead fan of the Vikings, and it's one of my favorite things to do since I was a child on Sunday. But the behavior of child abuse is wrong, and I think the Vikings made a wrong decision on this. This should be the law enforcement departments to deal with, it must be through legal procedures, but I think that until the program before Adrian Peterson should not be allowed to play. Many children adore these players, and the Vikings can't signal that what's happening now is acceptable. It's more important than the game. " Peterson was accused of being injured by recklessness or negligence last Friday, and then he did not play on Sunday in a game in which the team lost to the Patriots.The official website of NFL | twelfth weeks in the United | rugby league player. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell in Wilson (Russell Wilson) led them to 39-30 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in playoff contention to gain advantage. Wilson's best performance this season has made him the twelfth - week best player of the league. He played 30 passes 21 successful 345 yards, 5 touchdowns occupation career high, not passing by steals and 147.9 quarterback rating. Werwilson stay at quarterback Steelers forced protection net, he hoped to do in accordance with the Steelers, but his precise passing frequently found wide receiver. This is the best performance of Wilson's career in the quarterback protection network. Werwilson 5 touchdown performance flat Seahawks history record, and the game is his occupation career twentieth games came several touchdown pass and no steals game, which is since 1970, NFL and AFL with any player in his first four years since the occupation career record. The game gave Wilson the first three consecutive passes in his career for the first time in his career. Strangely, the race is over the Steelers Wilson career for the first time in the opponents to score more than 25 points to win the case. Before the match, when the opponent scored more than 25 points, Wilson's record was 0 - 12 (including the playoffs). twelfth week National League defensive player: Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Jikeli (Luke Kuechly), Jikeli 2 steals the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) pass -- including 1 in a 49 yard touchdown return, it makes the game early lost suspense. The NFL No. 1 midline has also got 7 grabs. Jikeli since joining NFL in 2012 10 steals is the most NFL linebacker in. ?????????-?????Josh Norman???????????????????????????????????????????????????? twelfth weeks, the best player in the League of nations is the best secret service player: Detroit lion lion, Sam Sam (Sam Martin), Martin helped the lions win the Philadelphia hawk in the Thanksgiving war. His 4 discarded kicks made a total of 181 yards of net code and only allowed the hawk to get 3 yards back. Martin in this game there are 8 kick into the Atlanta region. , the best offensive player in the twelfth week of the US League: Denver wild horse running C.J. C.J. (C.J. Anderson) finally recovered to health. Anderson looks like the runner who ravaged her opponent in the last season's attack. He's on the unbeaten new England.The official website of NFL | and Jacksonville Jaguars coach | football contract until 2017 in the past three years, Jacksonville Jaguar has won 12 wins and 36 losses under the guidance of Gus Bradley. The team announced on Friday that they will renew this coach to 2017 season on Friday. ????????????????????5?11????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-???????Blake Bortles???????????????????????? general manager in the team website commented on Gus: for our team, we believe in every step we take. Signing Gus helps us in the 2017 season. He knows our existing players and can find the right free players for us. Gus from 2009 to 2012 has been the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator.

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