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49 people have locked up their own team quarterback - they signed with Jimmy - Jimmy Garoppolo for five years. The 49 offensive tackle Joe stahly (Joe Staley) of the Baltic Gallo praised: "when he arrived two days, has been in business and practice show together will go. He will remind everyone, 'Hey, be careful, we're going to do this...'. And he played without temptation, because not very Gallo Baltic pride. He just tells you what you need to do. I think the experience of the new England Patriots will certainly help him. " "he's a good player and I can boast that he doesn't do the same thing all day. He is at the helm of the 49 ships will be able to ride the wind and waves, breakthrough." Poirot in Garo was traded to the 49 people after the first five games, all win. In a few years of silence, 49 people saw the light of hope. "Once people have confidence in their cheap nfl jerseys free shipping quarterback, the collective performance level will be different," Stanley said. At the end of the season the ascension as we have seen, driven by his teammates Gallo polo, we are very happy to let him stay in the team, together through the offseason, training camp and you, and the rest of the season."when the New York giants signed Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) we know when the giant external fire more powerful, but the premise is that the outer catchers have to stick together. now seems ready to help Odell Marshall Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) preparation. Marshall said: "I want to say that Beckham has been gradually on the growth path." Marshall occupation career than Beckham more than 9 years, and his 12 season full of ups and downs. It was clear that he could bring stability and leadership for the giant's dressing room, which was the future for Beckham that he needed to learn. was with the giants signed Marshall because he is a giant that can help him win a Super Bowl team, and he can also help the giant in other ways, such as Beckham taught. next season we will see Beckham and Marshall while standing on the field picture.Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) has a great pressure on his shoulders, and he can't keep 7 - 9. Now he felt the discontent of his family. was shot in the first focus of a reality show "hard man training camp" on Tuesday, which led to a phone call from his mother for second days. "I got a phone call yesterday, 'Geoffrey!'" Fisher said on Thursday. "This is my mother. So I said, 'I'm sorry, mom. This is our world. I'll try to do better. " "when I hear 'Geoffrey!' At the time, ah, there is something wrong. Fisher was the most eye-catching task in the first episode, and he made a passionate speech to the team before the second training camp. "Small things are very important. Do you understand what I mean?" Fisher said. "I don't want to get a fuck to get 7 - 9 or 8 - 8 or 9 - 7, okay? Or 10 to 6. This team is too gifted. I don't want to be that good grades? I know what I'm doing. We have some people who are only suitable for 7 to 9 negative teams - this morning. Now, Duhem left (that is the woman into the dormitory was expelled from the team's Duhem Lang). This is a man who is only suitable for 7 to 9 negative teams - we don't need him. mothers don't like hard Han training camp. In 2010, the mother of Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) criticized the former New York jet boss for a lot of bursting. Sometimes, mothers don't understand.The official website of NFL | Panther players Davies and Harper injured | football Carolina Panther had a big win in the super bowl, but the injury in the game also added a bit of trouble to the team's Super Bowl. In the win over the Arizona Cardinals in the game, the Panthers linebacker Thomas Davies bowl occupation (Thomas Davis) hurt his right arm, veteran safetys Roman Harper (Roman Harper) in the first half of eye injury. Davies was injured in a passing defense in the second quarter. In the midfield, he went into the dressing room with his arm in advance. Off the field, he has been put on the arm protecting device, only on the sidelines. Although the injury looks more serious, Davies is still looking forward to the Super Bowl two weeks later. Davies said: "I won't be absent from the super bowl, and we've done a lot of it." As the soul of the Panther defense group, Davies has experienced 3 severe knee injuries. The veteran is confident that he will not be absent from the most important game of his career.

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