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in the lore of night game week Steelers lightning, NFL announced on Tuesday that the timing error big game staff began the last wave of attack in Pittsburgh. NFL spokesman Michael (Michael Signora) on sen'ge Norah NFL media ???????????2??56?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Y??????????????????????? The timekeeper mistakes in operation, before the start of the first attack from the 20 yard line in the Steelers game time, began to take the table, the first offensive began only 2 minutes and 38 seconds instead of the correct 2 minutes and 56 seconds, a 18 second error." The NFL leader pointed out the mistake after watching videos repeatedly on Tuesday. He said, "we should check the time in time to ensure that there will be no such mistakes again." The NFL timekeeper is employed by the league, usually with college football experience. The time keeper usually lives near the stadium, but in the playoffs, the Union will hire a timekeeper who is not at home. fortunately, Steele cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rs, especially leviant - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) in the last attack took the last inch of the win, let NFL into a little headache.The official website of NFL | Vikings $1 billion 100 million new stadium save birds collision problem | football Minnesota Vikings new stadium will open to the public a week later, but there is a big problem at the stadium. The stadium is likely to encounter a large number of migratory birds. environmentalists have informed the stadium builder that the glass shape of the stadium is likely to attract the attention of a large number of birds. Their impact on the wall may cause a lot of deaths. But Leicester - President of the Vikings (Lester Bagley) said Le Bagh stadium workers so far did not find a similar situation. The Vikings have now invested 300 thousand dollars in a 3 year study to ensure that such potential tragedies are eliminated. Viking in August 28th in the new stadium stadium for the first time bank of America completed their pre-season game, against the San Diego lightning.In 90s the century, the demise of the cold war the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the achievements of the United States in twenty-first Century to become the world's only superpower, the United States the four major sports leagues in the rapid development speed to unimaginable, if you ask the new century American Sports League in which teams most successful? The answer obviously, the new England patriots NBA Sanantonio spurs and NFL, the two teams are not too brilliant history, but from the end of the last century has burst strength near the reason for stability of terror, two, godfather coach Greg - Popovich and Bill - Tony Liqieke tribute, we come to a a showdown today, take a look at who is handsome altar leader: shape in the shape of Popovich, many people first will be the coach of the silver hair or short haired, attractive, or long hair cover ears, silver white hair is the hallmark of the. The dress, in order to meet the requirements of alliance, Popovich in front of the camera is always a casual suit, there are few accessories such as the punchline square. In addition, Popovich had a movie villain face, aquiline nose orange face, occasionally smile revealing a mouth not too neat teeth, make people shiver all over though not cold. Compared to the wave Shuai, Bailey Cheik looks to be a benevolent and kind countenance "many, long a pair of good old faces, but if you stare at his deep eyes eyes look, may feel the old man from the heart of a chill. Hair, Benitez doesn't seem to know this kind of thing called "comb" in the world, his brown hair wantonly in the head, the wind blowing. But the clothing, NFL does not require the boss so dressed up, he often is how comfortable how come the most iconic, and is the "Star Wars" villain Darth Sidious Sidi similar hoodie. two coach from the appearance are the "villain" image, perhaps it is also so, can let the players from the beginning of the psychological fear, and obedience. Shape: flat hand. character Popovich is of military origin, the bones of the military itself, strict and cold, but stubborn, strict in demands, the Spurs lost many games, and their related to wave handsome. In addition, Popovich likes to have cold humour with his players, but it is limited to acquaintances. The tired court reporter's question, Popovich would rather be union fine, also adhere to the laconic answer style. Once a reporter asked him, "what do you think of the Spurs and the Patriots?" I saw Popovich instant face, put down a sentence: "we are talking about is a NBA game." and Popovich is similar to Bailey Cheik's father Steve army, serving more than thirty years, Benitez since childhood education as soldiers, but Popovich was born not nearly compared, Benitez is more close to the people, he rarely made rude to reporters on the media, "Bowling | live: 2016 national Bowling Championships south division teams final gold medal in SichuanAfter defeated the semifinals, the final Sichuan defeated Fujian to win the team gold medal address:

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