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NFL Chinese fans circle two luminary of Chai Wan - and free version, the former is domestic private promotion NFL the first person, the latter is the first authoritative domestic referee circles, even translated all of the NFL rule book. On the occasion of the Thanksgiving Day on the eve of World War II, we let the empty version to share his fantasy experience: high school when I was exposed to fantasy, of course NBA (around 2003). At that time, there were no tiger pads. The students in the class set up a league together. They used every excuse to go to the teacher office to check the data with computers every day. Then they talked about the deal with each other when they were off class. As the University, after exposure to NFL, continue to play NFL's fantasy is a very natural thing, but because at that time around to see a friend of NFL no, so only friends and play. fantasy is a few people together to the team's quarterback, running back, wide receiver, proximal front, kicker, defense to divide up, were composed of different teams, calculate the s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping core according to the player in the real game, with your choice of players and players than other candidates, the score is high win. I was playing for the first time according to the default sequence, familiar first out. But I started to contact English data more, start very early analysis of some fantasy, such as ESPN Matthew Berry, a weekly column. Despite a lot of analysis, the game is very random. Compared with the old players, the new players do not necessarily have great advantages, especially the one week performance, because the technology level is mainly expressed in the long-term average statistics. The first year, there is a called "5 teacher" renle Wizards of our union, since the first week of the election is perfect, and have not done any operation, not only the final playoff spot, but also the impact of the US alliance. The super bowl, almost won the championship. I play fantasy also has more than ten years, still attracted me, let me in the game all the other games are of significance, but also enjoy the garbage time, look forward to your own players can brush a better data, to complete double disk or fantasy to prevent comeback. When you start feeling is no longer an important outcome of the deranged, even because of their home team players in the week when the team will secretly hope not good data. Wait until the play several leagues, since the beginning of need their own players and other opponents fear the outbreak of comeback, the League also chose the player and can be overturned, after calculating the tangle, began to wonder: if the fraction of control in the number of minutes, can make 2 league wins at the same time...... 's Thanksgiving day competition choice: quarterback: Ben Rothlisberger, who ran: leviant - Baer, Antonio - Brown, took over: the proximal front: Jesse - James, : the Steelers defense group because the Colts quarterback Andrew Clark sidelined, the Steelers basically all rolling opponents, so the 5 position in the Steelers. Brock - Brock Osweiler recently said that the replacement of Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) was a little disappointed in the playoffs of the Denver Mustang. on Thursday U.S. time, coach Gary Kubiak announced that Manning will start the team's playoff debut, which is obviously not unexpected, but is also a risk decision. Oslo Weiler said: "hear it is very difficult to accept, a little disappointed, I have not known players, so I also support Manning starting." apparently Oswald Wheeler said is right, Manning is currently the best team selection, although there is no guarantee that he is not back from injury.The NFL alliance has always needed a full-time referee, because the result of too many mistakes is the only problem that the professional referee can handle. may be in the near future. According to ESPN news, the NFL competition committee is looking for a full-time referee for the 2017 season. , a group of full-time referees, can ensure that they work together throughout the season. All this must not be avoided, but people can carry out the rules better, and the game is no longer a subjective rule. has another problem to implement. The best referees in this group need to be able to compete in the playoffs. Just like all stars, they are selected to carry out the most important competitions. wants the alliance committee to do the change well, and what we need to do now is to wait for the official announcement.buffalo Bill's outside hand Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) obviously recovered very quickly. though his training camp plan has not yet been fully established, the latest news is that he will participate in it, because now he has been able to run straight and high speed. , but at present, he can't finish other steps such as steering. This may need to be fully recovered in the regular season, so it can't be said that he is ready for training next month. , if Bill is smart enough, he should know that we should slow down Watkins's recovery process, because many cases of injured players who are too quick to comeback are in front of us. Bill needs Watkins to be completely healthy, because their goal is playoffs. He is the main weapon of the team. They completed 60 passes and 1047 yards and 9 touches last season.

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