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Lithium Grease

Lithium Grease

Semi Synthetic Lithium Complex High Temp Grease


GX Semi Synthetic Lithium Complex High Temp Grease is a super high temperature semi-synthetic grease with excellent oxidation stability and lubrication properties. Its tenacious structural stability reduces consumption service life.

The molecular structure of the synthetic base oil minimizes wear and boasts greater penetration and finer grease film.


GX Semi Synthetic Lithium Complex High Temp Grease is recommended for applications in electronics, packaging, plastics, printing and high temperature automotive manufacturing sectors. It is also suitable for applications in public transport, lifts, coiler grease points, spindles, utility switch contacts, exhaust fan bearings, electric motors and high and low speed small bearings.

Semi Synthetic LC High Temp Grease also has low pour point and excellent low temperature torque.

GX Semi Synthetic LC High Temp Grease Equivalent to Omega 51 for Electric motor and KILN car bearing.

GX Fully Synthetic PTFE Equivalent to Omega 22 for Super PTFE with Synthetic Based.

GX Fully Synthetic Moly Equivalent to Omega 35 for High Temp MSL Grease.

Typical Physical Properties

NLGI Grade

Worked Penetration

@ 25 o C/77 o F


  1     2


330  285




Soap Type


Semi-Synthetic Lithium Complex






Light Yellow / Light Tan


Base Oil Viscosity

cSt at 100 o C (212 o F)



Minimum 20

Dropping Point


+/- 280 o C / 536 o F


Viscosity Index



Water Resistant


Yes / Good

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