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Lithium Grease

Lithium Grease

GX Lithium Complex High Temp EP Plus SBH(Blue) Grease


GX Lithium Complex EP PLUS SBH Grease is a superior, multi purpose grease specially developed to extend the performance life for automotive and industrial applications. It has been tested to give optimum results over extended periods especially under difficult operating conditions.


GX Lithium Complex EP PLUS SBH Grease is recommended for most industrial machineries, rolling element bearings in steel mills, quarry, marine, agricultural, mining, construction machinery, conveyors, elevators, chains, pulleys, shafts, automotive applications etc.

GX LC SBH 4 Blue Equivalent to Omega 57 High Temp and Load Grease.
GX LC SBH Blue Equivalent to Omega 59 for Central Lube system, 
GX LC SBH 2 Blue Equivalent to Omega 77 for Bearing and chasis grease.
GX LC SBH 3 Blue Equivalent to Omega 85 Shear Sensation plus all purpose grease.

Typical Physical Properties

NLGI Grade

Worked Penetration

@ 25 o C/77 o F


  0     1     2     3    


375  330 285 235



Semi-fluid to Soft

Thickener/Soap Type


Lithium Complex





Color (GX 7002)                           : Original / Brown

Color (GX 7002 EP)                       : Red

Color (GX 7002 EP Plus SBH)         : Dark Blue


Base Oil Viscosity

cSt at 100 o C (212 o F)


Minimum 20

Dropping Point


265 o C / 509 o F


Viscosity Index


95 - 105

Water Resistant

Yes / Excellent


Timken OK Load

Approx. 40lbs (Normal grade)

Approx. 60lbs (With EP)

Approx. 80lbs (With EP PLUS)


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