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Silicone Grease / Vacuum Grease / Extreme High Temp/Load


GX Silicone Grease is a non toxic and non melting Silicone grease / Vacuum grease specially formulated with inert silica fillers and selected proprietary additives package.

GX Silicone Grease has excellent extreme temperature resistance and dielectric properties. This silicone based materials reduce friction and provide long lasting lubrication.

It is compatible with most plastics and rubbers and will not crack or become brittle with age. It has excellent water resistant and physical properties which can be use for automotive, industrial and marine applications.


GX Silicone Grease Extreme High Temperature is recommended as a moisture barrier, surface protectant, specialised release lubrication/release agent. It can enhance thermal conductivity – electrical connectors, seals and cables.

GX Silicone Grease / Vacuum Grease can also be used as a lubricant for many plastics and rubber (silicone rubber, synthetic rubbers, o-rings). It is also ideal as a mould release agent. Other application includes mechanical seal, dashboard, conveyor chains subject to washing by water or steam, battery terminal to prevent corrosion, valve lubricant, printers, computer and other communication equipment.

Please click here for Grease Specially Designed for Electronic, Electrical and Plastic Gear Grease.

Typical Physical Properties

NLGI Grade

Worked Penetration

@ 25 o C/77 o F


1.5 – 2.0  


350 – 285 / 265 - 295



Silicone Oil with Other Proprietary Fillers and Additives




Smooth Tacky

Specific Gravity


0.98 – 1.03



GX Silicone Grease


GX Silicone-EP Grease




Translucent White


Translucent Yellowish White

Dropping Point


Non-Melt, Non-Soap


Pour Point


- 40 o C / - 40 o F  


Flash Point

320 o C /  608 o F         


Dielectric Constant



Dielectric Strength



Evaporation, % 24 hrs. @ 200 o C




GX Silicone Grease  (Release Agent)

GX Silicone Grease-EP (Dielectric)


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